2012-04-12CIS sessions

Update from Seville


For the third time, CISAC and FastTrack jointly organized their semi-annual meetings, which took place the week of March 12 in Seville.

The CIS-Net Business and Technical Liaisons groups opened the sessions on Monday and worked in parallel all day to discuss their ongoing business and technical topics and to make decisions in order to move forward with the existing projects and tools in coordination with the recently created CIS-Net Steering Committee.

Business Liaisons, led by SACEM’s Louis Diringer, focused on the following topics:
• Definition and agreement on final Business Requirements related to the Phase 1 of the ‘User Interface and Ergonomics’ Project, focusing on improvements in the performances of CIS-Net;
• Feature Enhancements;
• Follow-up with Users’ recommendations provided through the on-line user survey on usability, focusing on error messages, training and support, regression tests and data content;
• Launch of the ‘Notification of Live Performances’ project, led by BMI and PRS for Music;
• Review of CIS-Net Steering Committee requests on Societies’ refresh policies, on the use of the Push & Synchronization features and on the display of works with 100% mechanical rights and no performing rights.

Technical Liaisons focused on project status reports, such as:
• Technical status of developed and future projects;
• Recommendations following the technical gap analysis study with a review of the various items on the action list, the regression tests and the update on recent technical incidents;
• Report on ongoing security audit driven by SGAE;
• Refinement in Project and release process;

The groups met jointly on Thursday morning in an open session to address and resolve questions raised by each group in their Monday meetings and to share the conclusions of the meetings with the community of CISAC observers.

The FastTrack Forum on societies’ practices took place on Tuesday morning, after the CIS sessions’ opening plenary. It provided an opportunity for SCD’s Tatiana Urrutia to share her society’s experiences and to demonstrate the great impact and benefits of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ on SCD’s daily operations, and also to provide business details and figures following her article in the previous issue of our newsletter (#13, page 3).

As many societies requested more flexibility in the participation rules of the Technical and Business Liaisons meeting, we are pleased to inform our readers that, upon the CISAC CIS Supervisory Board and the FastTrack Management Board’s recommendations, the CIS-Net Business and CIS-Net Technical meeting will be opened to all societies wishing to participate as observers. This decision was made Friday, March 9 in order to satisfy the numerous requests from various societies and in order to open FastTrack communication to all CISAC societies. We therefore will open our meetings to any observer at the next CIS sessions, to be held in Montreal at the end of September.

All slides and reporting related to FastTrack meetings held at the occasion of the Seville CIS-Net sessions are available to CIS-Net Business and Technical Liaisons in FastTools (http://fasttools.fasttrackdcn.net) Repository.

Annick Duflos
FastTrack Information & Communication Director

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