2016-07-17CIS-Net Release

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CIS-Net 5 is a fruit of a long and hard work of many people. Let us listen to what they think about the new product they developed together with their teams in order to make your work easier, faster and more intuitive.

Vincent Poulain, SACEM

Things evolve. All the time. This is a permanent challenge we technicians should face. With CIS-Net 5, this challenge was consisting in making the user interface current in terms of technologies and state of the art. We are proud of it, we hope you’ll like it.  

Katrine Tielemans, SABAM

From the business perspective CIS-Net 5.0 will be a great improvement. The new look and feel will make working in CIS-Net much more user friendly. The introduction of the Single Work Dashboard will add a functionality to the users that will make their lives much easier and will save them an amount of time in performing their tasks.

Tim Carmichael, PRS for Music

Developing and testing any new software can be a challenge but for CIS-Net 5 we were also dealing with a different look and feel to a User Interface that we had got to know pretty well. Gone was the trusty “Back” button to be replaced by a left pointing arrow. Gone were the tabbed menus to be replaced by cascading menus. The screens are now sizeable and can be customized. Again a very different look and feel but at the heart of it a set of tools that delivers what the customer needs and hopefully the users will enjoy the experience.

Alice Meisel, BMI

CIS-Net 5.0 leaps forward into a new era of agility.  CIS-Net 5.0 now offers the user community greater flexibility to customize and enhance their user experience by allowing them to search, sort and select the fields to display that streamline their objective.


Richard Ali and Timour Mouratov, SOCAN

Visual representation of data is a challenging activity and, in most cases, affects the bottom line of any business.  CIS-Net 5’s Single Work Dashboard is information accessibility rewired for making informed decisions while affording users the courtesy of usability.  This fresh look incorporates techniques in layering, separation, colour triads, and instrumentation (commonly used in the modern design industry) to our advantage.  We eagerly anticipate the reception and progression of this tool within our community as we strive collectively for efficiency and transparency in visualizing our data.

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