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SPA: Reducing Efforts on Processing Millions of Records for the Benefit of Creators and Publishers


The Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) has been using CIS-Net since 2006. Our Documentation and Distribution Department, consisting of 30 staff members, uses the CIS-Net MWI for documentation purposes on a daily basis.

Since 2009, when SPA joined the LatinNet node, our own repertoire was made available on « CIS-Net powered by FastTrack » through this node.  Consequently, the CIS-Net MWI application together with the CIS-Net AGM (agreement information) application are used mainly for search and consultation.

We have also started using the CIS-Net AVI (audio-visual information), as a requester of cue sheets and we intend to implement the AVR format this year in order to eliminate manual work on the documentation on cue sheets. In addition to that, the use of MWI will change radically this year when we will start using the download of CWR files for ingestion in our documentation database. Our Information Technology Department is currently working on the changes to be made to our internal system in order to make it possible very soon. This will be the major step forward in our documentation processes.

'Tracking' and 'Matching' are the features we intend to use on a regular basis in the near future.

The use of CIS-Net and the possibility of having an immediate access to millions of musical works have had an important impact on our distributions in terms of accuracy and completion.

CIS-Net brings us also some additional benefits. It enables less manual work together with an access to more information on musical works and an increase in the volume of usage data for distribution processes. It is worth adding that in our case the matching has also been improved significantly due to the use of CIS-Net.

Right now SPA is working with the help and support of FastTrack on the implementation of its own node on CIS-Net, which will be launched this year. It is an important move for SPA in order to maximize the use of our repertoire worldwide for the benefit of our creators and publishers.

CIS-Net has already so much to offer to CMOs (Collective Management Organizations), but there is still some more work to be done, especially by CMOs in terms of data quality and volume of information made available to our users. The platform itself and its applications already fulfill most of the needs of a CMO. However, I think that there would be a gain of productivity if, for example, the AVI could become a repository of cue sheets, as in the MWI for Works, instead of just providing the currently used requester/supplier method.

CIS-Net must be the ultimate tool used by all CISAC Societies. These days, in times of a constant technical and technological evolution, CMOs must have access to state-of-the-art applications to reduce efforts on processing millions of records.


Alexandre Miranda, Director of Documentation and Distribution Department

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