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SPA: Reducing Efforts on Processing Millions of Records for the Benefit of Creators and Publishers


The Portuguese Society of Authors (SPA) has been using CIS-Net since 2006. Our Documentation and Distribution Department, consisting of 30 staff members, uses the CIS-Net MWI for...


AKM: Our Use of the “Common Cache” Means our Node Remains Available to the Whole Community


AKM (Autoren, Komponisten, Musikverleger) is the largest Collective Management Organization in Austria. Founded in 1897 it represents approximately 21 000 members.

Our staff...


CIS-Net has become an essential tool in Algerian’s ONDA day-to-day business operations


Algerian ONDA (Office National des Droits d’Auteur et des Droits Voisins) is a public company in the domain of Industry and Commerce. Its headquarters are based in Algiers. In...


UBC: We’re Preparing to Contribute to the Development of FastTrack


The UBC Heritage UBC (União Brasileira de Compositores) was founded in 1942 by distinguished composers, UBC is the very first Brazilian organization created for the collective...


GEMA: CIS-Net has Become an Essential Tool for our Daily Work


The number of music usages that must be processed by collecting societies around the world is increasing. In this context one of the key process is the documentation on musical works...


CIS-Net Is DIVA’s Swiss Army Knife for Royalty Management


With tools for different needs, ‘CIS-Net Powered by FastTrack’ today is like a Swiss Army knife for royalty management societies. Among the various CIS-Net tools, MWI is...


User Profile: CIS-Net @ APRA/AMCOS


APRA is the performing right society for Australasia: Australia, New Zealand and some of the Pacific. APRA was established in 1926 and is the oldest society in the Asia Pacific region,...


CIS-Net Revolution at SCD, Chile


Initially, ‘CIS-Net powered by Fast¬Track’ revolutionized SCD identification and documentation processes; it is used in many of our operational departments. We currently...


CIS-Net Has Positive Impact on ZAIKS Workflow Process


First, let me say ZAIKS’s users have enthusiastically adopted ‘CIS-Net powered by Fast-Track’. CIS-Net is used in our Documentation & Distribution department and...

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