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SADAIC (Argentine Society of Music Authors and Composers)


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Because SADAIC had been contributing to the LatinNet network for some time prior to the launch of CIS-Net, we were able to contribute our repertoire to CIS-Net MWI (Musi-cal Works information) from its onset. As the ISWC was a prerequisite for us, the works were populated with their respective ISWC and were submitted to a regional clean-up process before their publication in CIS-Net MWI.

As our society was also contributing to the CISAC AV Index, the population of our audiovisual works into CIS-Net AVI was automatically carried out and we are now both contributing to and searching ClS-Net AVI.

From day one, and with no specific training, the staff in our foreign documentation and distribution sections received increasing benefits from their daily use of the MWI application, especially in the identification and retrieval of the data necessary for the correct registration of foreign works, which were not already in the SADAIC works database (because of the lack of notification by our local sub-publishers), and in checking and updating our existing work records.

The benefits became even greater with the connection of the lPl application to the MWI, providing both the actual affiliation information of the parties in the distribution key of a work and a useful means to identify the correct parties in case of similar spellings. In the recent past we had to use several different tools, such as the WID and IPI CD-ROM5, to perform this task.

Our users are now very familiar with the various search facilities provided by CIS-Net, and they greatly appreciate the ability to search by performing artists, which is an extremely useful feature when identifying works.

Furthermore, with the upgrading of the bandwidth carried out by SADAIC a few months ago, we also achieved a considerable reduction in response times.

As the information regarding territories and sub-publishing agreements is not yet complete in CIS-Net, we still rely on our own territory data before relying on CIS Net for distribution.

We currently lack the technical ability to download the information retrieved from CIS-Net directly into our proprietary database, but we expect to accomplish this with the upgrade of our IT systems, which has already begun.

Linda Fraticelli
Head of International Relations

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