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CIS-Net Revolution at SCD, Chile


Initially, ‘CIS-Net powered by Fast¬Track’ revolutionized SCD identification and documentation processes; it is used in many of our operational departments. We currently have 32 users and two administrators. Even though the majority of our activities focus on Documentation and Distribution, its use has quickly been extended to other departments of our organization, such as our International department and our Members department. Likewise, many of our managers have also found in CIS-Net an accurate and fast source for obtaining information vital to their daily work.

The main applications used by SCD are MWI and AVI.

MWI is constantly used by our Distribution and Documentation teams and has optimized their efficiency: We estimate their productivity has been improved up to 300%. Nevertheless, we think we will obtain even better results once we are able to download information packages in the CWR format that SCD recently implemented. This being said, we have identified opportunities for improvements in this area and we suggest the optimization of the processes to create and download musical work batches in a more user-friendly way.

Another positive aspect for our operations is the ability afforded by CIS-Net to check the documentation record of our domestic repertoire in the databases of our sister societies to ensure its correct registration.

In the same way that CIS-Net has allowed us to reduce the number of unidentified foreign works in our distribution processes, we trust our domestic repertoire will be better and more easily identified throughout the rest of the world. We expect to achieve the same success we have had with LatinNet in resolving of the distribution shares’ conflicts among the different societies.

We have also obtained excellent results with CIS-Net AVI. Within one year, our Cinema film’s codification is up 50%, while Television is up 23%. Although we are still not operating with AVR, we have developed a feature based on the use of the OCR (optical character recognition) software, which allows us to process the cue sheet files received and to upload them to our database, reducing our operations time. Our next step for 2012 will be to implement the AVR format in order to meet the increasing need for audio-visual information.

SCD already contributes to MWI through the LatinNet node and, even if our audio-visual production is rather limited, our intention is to contribute to CIS-Net AVI in the near future to complement the presence of our repertoire in CIS-Net.

CIS-Net has definitely helped make our operational systems more dynamic. It has dramatically reduced our manual work, empowered and improved our levels of analysis and challenged us to create flexible information systems that allow us to grow in the development of new data administration technology.

Tatiana Urrutia
SCD Deputy General Director

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