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Artisjus Makes Extensive Use of CIS-Net MWI, AVI, AGM


Artisjus is the only Hungarian society representing the international musical repertoire for public performances, mechanical reproduction and similar rights.

Subscribing to CIS-Net MWI in 2008 to CIS-Net AVI in 2010 as an independent node was a major strategic and professional step for Artisjus. The Hungarian musical repertoire, which can be considered to be a niche catalog on a global scale, can make headway only if supported by precisely documented databases. Because Artisjus is also a CISAC-appointed ISWC Regional Agency, it must publish exclusively controlled and preferred ISWC-registered works in its database.

IT background
Our infrastructure is based on Oracle database management systems, Oracle development tools, HP Alpha servers and a VMS operating system. A staff of six developers provides daily support to the operation of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ and to the society, as well as to the enhancement of Artisjus’ proprietary integrated IT system.

Use of the ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’
The primary users of CIS-Net are the employees of the Documentation and Distribution departments, along with Customer Service. The most frequently used applications of the CIS-Net are: Musical Works Information (MWI), Audio-Visual Information (AVI) and Agreements (AGM).

User access levels to CIS-Net are: ‘Normal users’ searching and downloading works (e.g., CISML), requesting cue sheets and what we call ‘professional users’ using mostly cue-sheet tracking, statistics and AGM applications. Professional users show our employees the new functionalities of CIS-Net.

MWI provides a double functionality to our users: It helps in supporting the manual processing of data not identifiable by the automatic title-matching system and in identifying new foreign works before distribution.

With the implementation of the MWI node, it has become easier to identify and resolve the unidentified works, which were previously put on hold. MWI is currently manually operated, and the implementation of the Request Tracking Facility (RTF) into our internal system is under way.

It was necessary to change our internal processes in order incorporate the CIS-Net AVI application. The AVI Request Tracking system has put an end to our manual registrations and has also lowered the number of Cue Sheet complaints. The system has made it possible to manage the Cue Sheet data exchange in a centralized way.

As is the case with other societies joining the system, the AGM application is also playing an increasingly important role in our business. We are keen to give an important role to the AGM application both for the publication of the works documentation and the musical works publishing contracts. For this reason, we are planning the integration and the publication of agreements data for the fourth quarter of 2010.

CIS-Net IPI (Interested Parties Information) is used by our society only as a secondary control tool, given the internal replication of the IPI database (refreshed daily) we use for our work.

Thanks to the excellent performance of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’ and the favorable bandwidth, CIS-Net has replaced the previous CD-ROM applications.

Plans for Future Developments
Additional plans for 2010 include the integration into the Matching system, since the clarification of unidentified works is extremely important prior to distributions, in order to compile them in a precise way for our sister societies.

Within the publication of the Artisjus databases, precise documentation is of utmost importance, along with the number of works.

Given the development capacity of our society, we are taking part in the acceptance-testing of new releases of CIS-Net,

Further plans include the integration of our own Oracle systems and the CIS-Net applications, based on the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). In addition to our own developments, we will of course remain interested in CIS-Net internal integrations and developments implemented by other societies.

Melinda Pintér
Head of IT Department, Artisjus

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