What’s the Difference between Industry and User Newsletters?


For more than a decade, FastTrack has published a newsletter for its users in societies around the world, at first by mail (the so-called ‘FastDigest’), then on paper, then digitally. Last Fall, we debuted an additional edition of FastTrack News, to be published quarterly, to inform the music publishing community, creators, music industry organizations and the journalists of our new initiatives, and to give a perspective on priorities for the future development of the 21st century tools for international copyright administration. Our original edition (the one you are reading now) is called “FastTrack User News” and the new publication is called “FastTrack Industry News.”

Why the new edition? As the FastTrack Board of Directors focused on FastTrack’s strategic vision over the past year, we realized that enhanced communications with a wider spectrum of potential stakeholders was a priority. This effort encompasses the development of our renewed web site customized for a variety of key audiences, and with FastTrack participation in social media, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It is our hope that the new “Industry” edition of FastTrack News will provide useful overview of where FastTrack stands today and where it is going in the future. It is also our hope to further open our doors and to propose articles written in collaboration with key players in the music ecosystem.

Meanwhile, we maintain our important focus on communications with FastTrack users and society management, a role we will continue to fulfill through the ongoing FastTrack User News digital newsletter.

Many of you maybe interested in both newsletters, since they will contain additional and complimentary information on FastTrack development and future goals. You can subscribe to the new FastTrack Industry News by clicking on ‘Join’ from the top right page of the digital newsletter you’re used to receive. You can also subscribe from the FastTrack web site (http://www.fasttrackdcn.net) where you can also subscribe to both newsletters.

You will always be able to determine which edition of FastTrack News you are reading as we have adopted a different color palette for each:

  • FastTrack Industry News: titles and headlines are pink/violet
  • FastTrack User News: titles and headlines are orange.


Robbin Ahrold, Chairman of the FastTrack Communications Committee

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