Web Site Release 3: Focus on Music Rights-Holders, Digital Distributors and Broadcasters


After release 1 (2002) and release 2 (2004), last May we launched the third release of our fully redesigned corporate web site (http://www.fasttrackdcn.net).

Following our Board’s strategic communications recommendations we are now focusing on B2B information critical to music creators, publishers, as well as digital distributors of music and broadcasters.

Our web site is the backbone of our expanded communications, which encompasses social media and our digital newsletter. It provides enhanced transparency and user-friendly information, namely on:

  • Our expanded mission statement as supported by our Board
  • Our history and landmarks
  • Our infrastructure, organization and governance;
  • Our current solutions (‘ISWC-Net’ and ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’) and our future solutions as they evolve towards our vision of an open approach to the music industry: a certified worldwide view on copyright metadata;
  • Direct and indirect benefits of FastTrack solutions to each category of stakeholder.

The web site is updated on a daily basis. The ‘Latest News’ contains articles from our bi-monthly Newsletter and information on our meetings, or on Music Industry events in which FastTrack Management is involved.

In the Press Room, all of our media assets including press releases, a new brochure, pictures, logos are made available for the need of the media in the press kit.

Through the interconnection among the corporate web site, FastTrack’s initiatives in the social networks and the digital newsletter, we hope FastTrack will reach its communications goals of transparency and openness in the digital era.


Annick Duflos, Information and Communications Director and BMI’s Robbin Ahrold, Chair of the FastTrack Communications Taskforce

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