2013-03-13Using FastTrack Tools

Two New ‘Tips & Tricks’ Available to CIS-Net Users’ Community


‘T&T” Subscribers have now received two more issues of the monthly ‘T&T’ e-mail.

As usual, we provide a regular summary of the published ‘T&T’ in our digital newsletter. So, let’s carry on with the two following topics, as more details will be available in the archives and in FastTools ‘Public Library’ for users who have access rights to FastTools (http://fasttools.fasttrackdcn.net).

N°10 – The ‘Manage Password’ option provides you with the ability to create a new (8 to 12 characters) password or to change your usual password for any personal, business or security reasons you or your society may need

N° 11 – The ‘Display OT’ search option provides you with results including the Original Title (OT) of a work even if your search criteria are completely different from the Original Title. The use of this option allows you gaining one step in your search and directly get results showing the Original Title of the work. This tool is very useful when you’re not sure of the original title of a work, when documentation provided by third parties or sister societies doesn’t mention the original title of the work, if you don’t know the correct spelling of a title and when you search on works better known for their alternate titles.

Our next step will be to publish the ‘T&T’ on the CIS-Net Home Page, at the location where you currently can find the Service Messages and Scheduled Maintenance information. This will be done with release 4.5.1 of CIS-Net to be delivered within the coming months .

If you or one of your colleagues wish to subscribe to the upcoming monthly issues, send an e-mail to tips@fasttrackdcn.net and enter SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

Share your tips with the CIS-Net community of users! Please send an e-mail to tricks@fasttrackdcn.net and we will do our best to publish your trick in the near future.

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