The Cross-Industry Steering Committee: a First Step into the Implementation of Enhanced Governance


Since our March Board meeting we have been, in close cooperation with CISAC (Confédération Internationale des Sociétés d’Auteurs Compositeurs), focusing on the definition of a new governance framework for our cross-industry projects while, at the same time, launching our three ‘Quick Wins’ projects.

We created a common governing body, reporting to both FastTrack and CISAC Boards. The main role of this newly created Cross-Industry Steering Committee is to oversee both the Standards and Rules Project led by CISAC and ‘Quick Wins’ managed under FastTrack’s umbrella.

The creation of this new body has been built upon the three following principles:

  • A cross-industry collaboration framework with an equal representation of the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), the Publisher and the Creator communities;
  • A business-led sponsorship to ensure a wide adoption of – agreed or to be defined - identifiers, standards and rules;
  • The use and the rationalization of already existing groups to avoid duplication of efforts.

Concretely speaking the worldwide spread members of this Committee ‘meet’ on a monthly basis (thanks to conference call and webex facility). Their role is to define our cross-industry priorities, to approve the recommendations coming from project leadership and to review and address issues escalated by project leadership. Above all, they prepare recommendations to be discussed by the respective Boards. The members of the Committee also serve as the key promoters of the implementation of the decided recommendations within each respective community.

Since this body was created its 60 participants, representing Collective Management, Songwriters and Publishers organizations, have been involved in this cross-industry initiative with the support of the FastTrack and CISAC teams based in France. A first face-to-face meeting will take place early October in Paris at the occasion of our next FastTrack Days. To date seven representatives of Songwriters organizations and six representatives of Publishers have joined our forces and I must say they are also heavily involved in "Quick Wins" business teams. This is a big help for us and a guarantee for the extended implementation of our tools to be delivered in 2016, such as the Rights-Holders Access to CIS-Net Musical Works.

This being said I give the floor to Isabel Crack from the Canadian Songwriters Guild, who represents the Music Creators North America (MCNA) organization. She’s the right person to share her views and impressions from the heart of the Cross-Industry Steering Committee and from one of our Quick Wins project team, as she’s one of the business experts involved in the definition of the requirements and specifications...


Michel Allain, Director General

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