Sticking with a Winning Formula


Since the London Board on Strategy, the Paris (October 2014) and the Tokyo Board (November 2014) mainly focused on the evolution of FastTrack governance.

FastTrack’s strategy towards 2020, based on FastTrack core values and mission, is oriented around the four following axes:

  • Extension of users to get involvement from more rights owners;
  • Extension of services: FastTrack will extend the services it delivers from the definition of requirements to operational implementation in societies’ business processes;
  • Solutions to deliver a list of potential projects with a focus on Audio-Visual information;
  • Upgrade of existing tools starting with a gap analysis on already delivered tools.


At the Paris and Tokyo Board meetings this strategy was reassessed and some concrete decisions were taken in terms of governance and organization to support FastTrack’s strategic orientation.

The first step was to send a positive signal towards organizations of Publishers and Songwriters in order to start the dialogue and to create further collaboration between FastTrack, Creators and Publishers; the president of the Board, Hein van der Ree, invited these organizations to actively participate in our activities. Publishers’ organizations (AIMP, IMPF) and Songwriters’ organizations (CIAM, ECSA and MCNA) positively answered to this invitation.

More concretely, since November 2014 60 experts from 20 organizations including our Shareholders’ Executives, representatives of Publishers and Songwriters and representatives of CISAC Secretariat openly and positively cooperated for 18 weeks.

During the CISNext Definition Phase they highly contributed in our ‘Steering Committee’ in order to define a common and shared stakeholders’ vision. The Steering Committee ultimate goal was to develop the CISNext project to a level where a position on next steps could be taken by our Board in March.

Since Berlin the experts of this stakeholders Steering Committee are still working at the same pace, and the Board of course expects we use this momentum to press ahead with the implementation of our strategy of opening our doors to the music industry stakeholders.


Michel Allain, Director General

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