Most CIS-Net users work with (at least) two windows running on their computers: CIS-Net and their own internal systems. And they do not really have an option. While CIS-Net gives them access to all kinds of international documentation, they still need to have access to their own internal documentation and to be able to reconcile both worlds.

Imagine that instead of running two applications in parallel you are able to search the most accurate international documentation directly from your internal applications! That is life really made easier for every user. That is SOA.

Since 2001, our tools have been articulated around distributed and shared components available through the Internet. These systems consist of musical works databases, search engines, security systems and other functions, but until now, this was a closed world.

With the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), we propose a different approach. SOA will enable societies to get access to any resource available in CIS-Net in a quick, efficient and secured manner directly from their internal proprietary systems.

SOA is about interoperability. Since the SOA architecture is based on open standards, it will enable every society to easily integrate portions of CIS-Net in their own processes and systems.

— Didier Roy
FastTrack Technical Director
and SOA Project Leader

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