2016-05-11CIS-Net Release

Silence! It Grows


FT - Michel, Spring - it is a good time to tell our readers what you have planted in the garden of FastTrack, the results of which we will see this Summer.

MA - The fruit of our teams’ hard work, which started long before this Spring will be CIS-Net 5.

FT - In what respect is it different and new from the previous CIS-Net updates?

MA - CIS-Net 5 is the latest tool employing the state-of-the-art technology to give a new experience and higher productivity to its users.

With its new 2016 graphic user interface, it permits an intuitive and customized usage of the device. The new CIS-Net 5 Look and Feel has been designed following modern and visually appealing aesthetics. The new interface gives a more compact view improving the overall workflow.

The newly applied enhances security policies assure the reduction of the threat of any unauthorized interception.

FT - Does it introduce any new features?

MA - Yes, the main one is the Single Work Dashboard. It aims at showing a multi-territory view of any single musical work that has been posted to CIS-Net by contributing Societies.

FT - What motivated FastTrack to introduce this new Framework and Graphic User Interface?

DR - There are several reasons for that.

First, the vendor management framework for CIS-Net was no longer maintained by the supplier. Please remember, it was a ten-year old architecture and a lot has changed in our techy word during these years.

Second, there is a demand to upgrade the security policy.

Third, new sort of users are soon expected to use some functions of CIS-Net so we need to prepare the ground for them.

And last but not least, there was a need for a new look and feel of CIS-Net in order to improve the user’s experience and the overall workflow – to have a 2016 look and feel graphic user interface.

FT - Who will benefit from CIS-Net 5?

DR - In the first place, these will be Societies. CIS-Net 5 will simplify their workflow by making it more efficient and intuitive. Indirectly, however this tool will bring benefits also to Creators and Publishers, as more efficient work of Societies means better results for the later.

FT - Please tell us a few words about the future new type of users…Will the new framework be adapted for some other possible in the future functions or applications?

DR - Yes, of course, the newly chosen framework has been perfectly designed and built to support the Cross Industry Projects, the Rights Holders Access and the On-line IPI Lookup Service, for our new users being Publishers and Creators.

FT - What is CIS-Net for Rights Holders?

DR - In the Cross-Industry Newsletter No 1 from April 2016 you had all the details but let me sum it up. CIS-Net for Rights Holders aims at allowing Publishers and Creators to search and view musical works information as maintained on the CIS-Net nodes of the Collective Management Organizations (CMOs) from a single point of access. This interface would enable creators and publishers verify local work registration from the CIS-Net for Rights Holders function instead of searching for it separately in the individual databases of each of the CMOs.

FT: And how would you describe the On-line IPI Lookup Service?

DR - It is a tool facilitating IPI data dissemination. It will enable Publishers and Creators to search and view IPI data.

FT - Hanna, from the project management perspective, what was the most difficult?

HM - To coordinate the teams dispersed in various countries in Europe and Northern America and to get them ready at the same time for the integration of the tool. Now, I have to oversee the end user testing phase all over the world, but that is another story…

FT: Thank you for revealing the secrets. For now, let’s wait in silence until it grows.


Michel Allain, Director General -  Didier Roy, Technical Director -  Hanna Mazur, PMO

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