2009-04-26Decisions on Projects

Roadmap 2010-2012 and Development Plan 2010


On June 7, 2009, the FastTrack Board of Directors met for its semi-annual meeting in Washington. The adoption of the Roadmap 2010-2012 and the consequent 2010 Proj¬ect Development Plan was a main issue on its agenda. The Board of Directors also decided on the chairmanship of the Board.

The creation of the Roadmap 2010-2012 and the 2010 Project Development Plan is based on a process that has been in place for several years. The 12 FastTrack Share¬holders and 6 non-FastTrack Societies are asked to rank a list of potential projects, prepared by FastTrack Management and CISAC Secretariat, in their preferred order of business urgency. In creating the Roadmap 2010-2012, a total of 16 FastTrack and non-FastTrack societies have provided their rankings.

In a joint meeting of the FastTrack Management Board and the CISAC CSB, the consolidated ranking results are reviewed and allocated to a three-year development plan called the ‘Roadmap.’ For each year, a development budget of 600K-700K€ has been allocated.

Upon recommendation of the joint FastTrack Management Board and the CSB, the FastTrack Board of Directors adopted the Roadmap 2010-2012. For details, please refer to the schedule on page 2.

For 2010, the following projects are approved:

1. Documentation Clean-Up & Integrity (specifications)
• The scope of this project has been confirmed by CISAC’s Data Quality ad hoc group
2. AVI Cue Sheet Details
3. Legacy Integration and SOA (second phase)

FastTrack Management will finalize the draft 2010 Project Budget for adoption by the FastTrack and CISAC Board of Directors in their respective November 2009 meetings.

It is the general opinion that the 2010 Project Development Plan is a realistic one: It takes into consideration the limited development funds but delivers the required business projects and makes optimal use of the available development resources within FastTrack Management at the same time.

Claude Gaillard

Chris van Houten
Director General

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