2009-03-02Decisions on Projects

Revised Roadmap for 2009-2011



As a result of the decision by the FastTrack Board of Directors to reduce the 2009 development budget for new projects (see article, this page) the Roadmap 2009-2011 must be amended. The co-chairs, Claude Gaillard and Eric Baptiste, at the joint FastTrack Management Board and CSB meeting, invited the members to select their preferred projects from the initial 2009 projects list for development within the reduced budget. This exercise showed a clear preference for some projects among the respondents but, on the other hand, showed distinct differences. In order to avoid lengthy discussions and a complete re-ranking of preferred projects, the co-chairs proposed the following 2009 Project Development Budget:

This means that Legacy Integration & Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), phase 2 and Documentation Clean-up & Integrity will be deleted from the originally approved 2009 development budget for new projects and transferred to next year(s) for completion. In order to allow FastTrack and CISAC to maintain accurate control over the development course of the projects, FastTrack management will include all relevant financial details related to development of the projects in its monthly project status update.

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