2012-04-12Using FastTrack Tools

Remember: Let’s Share our Tips and Tricks


The early subscribers to ‘FastTrack News’ probably remember this section of the newsletter, created in 2009. Its initial aim was for users to share their own tricks with the global com¬munity of users. As we received minimal input from users, the editorial team decided, after four issues, to drop this section. Since that time, the results of our on-line survey have clearly highlighted some lack of information or misunderstanding on the use of some existing functions in CIS-Net. The on-line survey taskforce therefore recommended that we re-activate this section and provide subscribers with details on functionalities for which some users have responded about with ‘I don’t know what this is’. This will now be addressed every quarter, starting with our next issue, #14, in addition to other suggested actions such as monthly tips-mails to voluntary subscribers and possible Q&A tabs to be further integrated in CIS-Net.

Of course, if you wish to share your own tricks with the CIS-Net community of users, please send an e-mail to tricks@fasttrackdcn.net and we will publish your trick in a future issue of FastTrack News

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