2015-11-09FastTrack Days

Quoi de Neuf à Paris en Octobre?


“Secrets travel fast in Paris” said French Napoleon Bonaparte but in our fast and global digital world of business transparency there’s no room for secrets. Let’s come back to what happened last month in the French capital…

Our latest “FastTrack Days”, kindly hosted by SACEM, were the renewed occasion to open our doors and our meetings to representatives of Publishers and Creators. In total approximately 70 participants from 20 countries joined our 2-days session of business and technical meetings and breakout sessions.

Rights-Holders Access to CIS-Net

All involved representatives of Publishers and Creators organizations agreed on a common ground. The Opt-in anonymous feasibility study, based on the results of the legal anonymous survey (39 responses representing more than 30 million works in CIS-Net), should now start with the full support of each interested entity. At the occasion of this study Societies will be invited to participate in business simulation for which no internal developments will be required on societies side. The results of the study will then be sent to CISAC Secretariat for consolidation. Lastly, the results of this feasibility study will be presented to the joint FastTrack/CISAC Board at the end of November.

ISWC Resolution Service

This is the last validation round for the specification within the project team whereas the statement of work is in its approval process by the joint CISAC/FastTrack Cross-Industry Steering Committee. At the occasion of the dedicated breakout session the representatives of Publishers committed to be early adopters of this tool, about which developments should start very soon. The project team also took the opportunity of the FastTrack Days to forward the recommendation to discuss the post-implementation common policy concerning all the cross-industry projects to the Joint Project Lead body, a sub-entity of the CISAC Cross-Industry Steering Committee.

Single Work Dashboard

The project team presented a series of mock-up screens during the dedicated breakout session where the participants showed great enthusiasm. Of course since Paris all the participants received a link allowing them to further look and comment on what was shown for the first time. At the same time, the project team is also working on the definition of the specification with the help of business experts before proceeding to the technical approach and to the technical developments. This application should be delivered together with the next major release of “CIS-Net powered by FastTrack”.

New Graphical User Interface

Firstly it’s obvious that our current user interface for CIS-Net needs to be renovated because the current development framework is not anymore supported (see article on the User Interface Framework). Secondly, the web interface and design have drastically evolved since 2007. The so-called “GUI” Project has started some months ago with the support of our Business Liaisons. A first prototype of the Musical Works (MWI) search engine, offering state-of-the-art web kinetics and design, has been proposed for feedback one month before the Paris meeting. The second iteration, taking into account remarks and suggestions sent by our key users at the occasion of the first iteration, was presented during an afternoon breakout session where all the participants could react on the spot. The next step will be to consolidate the feedback from the community of CIS-Net users, and to move forward with our usual release management process starting with the definition of a formalized Statement of Work, the idea being to deliver this new interface with the June major release of CIS-Net.

Documentation Clean-up and Integrity (DCI)

After a brief status report from the DCI Project Leader (to date 23 Societies are involved in the DCI assessment process), an interesting demonstration of the on-line DCI, the (meta)data quality and integrity assessment tool, was done at the occasion of the Business Liaisons meeting. Some ideas for future improvements were shared among the participants, especially the possibility to integrate the DCI with the upcoming Single Work Dashboard and the recently delivered Notification Live Performances (NLP) tools.

Executive Committee: 2016 Budget and the Future of Data

At the end of the FastTrack Days our Executive Committee met, starting with a gripping presentation on the future of data by Andy Zondervan, who works at the Business Development department for Buma / Stemra (this presentation will be subject to an article in a next issue of our Newsletter). The main topic of our Executive Committee meeting was to prepare the ground to our year-end Board of Directors focusing on 2016 budget, especially on the projects budget that will be submitted to the joint FastTrack/CISAC Board of Directors.

These fall sessions were our third extended and open “FastTrack Days” with the involvement of representatives of Publishers and Creators. Time has come to evaluate this organization together with CISAC and, if necessary, bring changes for the next “FastTrack Days” that will take place just before the delivery of our next major release of “CIS-Net powered by FastTrack”.


Annick Duflos, Information & Communications Director

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