2011-05-20CIS-Net Release

Good News from Paris: New Version of CIS-Net Readied for Deployment


Our technicians have now completed their job and, as we write this article, extensive tests have begun on ‘CIS-Net Version 4.3’, which means 16 key CIS-Net experts from various societies (BMI, GEMA, KODA, PRS for Music, SABAM, SACEM, SGAE, SIAE, SOCAN, SUISA) are currently testing each element and functionality before it is widely deployed. After thorough testing, societies’ implementation and internal users’ training should take place in June/July.

This new version of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’, the first release this year, includes a set of 25 accepted enhancements requested by societies on CSI, AGM, AVI, MWI and IPI; details will be provided together with the Business Release Notes, which will be published in the near future. The bugs identified in the previous release have been fixed.

The heart of this version focuses on the second phase of the Service Orientated Architecture (SOA) project, which includes the Scheduled Maintenance Facility, the availability of auto-detection, the smart balancing and the common cache. From a user standpoint, the Scheduled Maintenance Facility is the key element: it provides a user-friendly interface, allowing the management of maintenance plans by CIS-Net Administrators and displaying the scheduled maintenances and availabilities by each local node.


When defining the business requirements, Business Liaisons requested that we provide users with targeted access to non-CIS-Net complementary web sources of data. This would allow implementation of query access within internal systems, in order to use such information for identification (i.e. searching) and/or documentation (i.e. storing data) purposes, depending on each society’s internal business processes and on the external providers’ license agreements. Unfortunately, this part of the second phase of the SOA project has been delayed upon recommendation of the FastTrack Legal Committee. However, we are think this facility could be incorporated into the second 2011 release of CIS-Net (version 4.4), to be delivered at the end of 2011.

Last but not least, the updated User Manuals (AGM, AVI and MWI) and other deliverables will be ready in due time to provide our users with the necessary details on this new version of CIS-Net. In the meantime, users can get details from their Business Liaisons, who are aware of the main changes and features to be delivered.

Didier Roy
FastTrack Technical Director

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