New Era for FastTrack Web Site,  First Steps in Social Networking


Our newly designed corporate web site, our communications frame of reference to our expanded audience will be available very soon. It is now in its last stage of content review by FastTrack societies senior executives in the Executive Committee and by Communications Taskforce. We estimate it will go live early to mid-May.

With innovative illustrations created for FastTrack and a new colorful design, it has been significantly expanded beyond what currently exists in the current web site.

The content of our new web site will focus on the following main areas:

  • ‘About us’ including mission statement, FastTrack landmarks and facts in a timeline, organization and governance, link with FastTrack Shareholder societies web sites;
  • ‘Our solutions’ including ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’, GRD and ISWC-Net. We also have included information about direct and indirect benefits of our solutions for our 4 main target audiences: Collective Management Organizations (CMOs), Music Rights-Holders (Authors and Publishers), Music Users (DSPs) and Entertainment Industry;
  • News and Press Room includes link with latest articles of our digital Newsletter. It also provides latest press releases and a press kit available to journalists (including infographics, pictures, logo etc.).

To answer to Board’s request for more transparency towards our targeted audiences, social networking is also considered as a key element of our external communications. Our first step in social networking was to focus on the creation of Facebook and LinkedIn accounts. On Facebook we share with public and ‘Friends’ information on our daily activities and statistics. We also share selected information coming from FastTrack Shareholder societies. The same applies to FastTrack's LinkedIn network, including staff of Shareholder societies and CISAC societies, representatives of organizations of Right-holders and Publishers and journalists. The next step will be to pro-actively expand our audience and, with the help of the communications Taskforce, to develop specific assets for the social media.

Through the combination of the interconnection and the harmonization among the corporate web site, the social networks and the digital newsletter FastTrack will reach its communications goals of transparency and openness in the digital era.

Annick Duflos, Information & Communications Director

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