2015-04-07Board of Directors

Let’s Focus on Quick Wins!


Our Board recently met in Berlin to discuss the next steps to be undertaken after the CISNext Definition Phase. All the Board's discussions were based on recommendations made by the Stakeholders Steering Committee.

The first  conclusion of the Definition phase was that the Industry needed a business-led initiative to standardize and adopt critical identifiers, standards and rules prior to starting a new solution project.

CIS-Net is considered to be well positioned as the starting point for further development once the adoption initiative is successful and the data quality improves. In addition, the Steering Committee recognized the need to establish a collaboration framework that includes all major communities, in order to maximize industry consensus and minimize duplication of effort.

Our Board fully supported the need for improvement in the implementation of business rules and standards in societies. CISAC Secrétariat and FastTrack Management teams should therefore reinforce their cooperation, especially in the field of the implementation of identifiers, standards and business rules. Both teams should provide further details on the best structure concerning the definition of their respective roles and responsibilities. The Board also requested to provide further details on the more appropriate mechanism for the future funding model. This will be presented and discussed on the occasion of the June Board in Brussels.

The Board also recommended to start with the development and the implementation of the so-called following  ‘Quick Wins’:

  • ISWC Dissemination based on the results of the first pilots on dissemination process towards Publishers;
  • Publisher Access to CIS-Net starting with specification update;
  • Multi-Territory Multi-Right: definition of scope and proof of concept.

At the same time, FastTrack should initiate and conduct a gap analysis on the usage of CIS-Net tools in order to better understand the gap between the business needs and the actual implementation.

All these various topics will be subject to further discussions with the extended group of Business and Technical Liaisons in Barcelone at the occasion of our next FastTrack Days May 4th and 5th. Some breakout sessions are already planned in order to help mobilizing all our stakeholders.

The next Board will take place in June. Within 2 months a huge amount of work involving societies, representatives of Publishers and Songwriters and CISAC Secretariat, still needs to be accomplished before the June Board makes further decisions. Before June we’ll report on the outcomes of the Barcelone FastTrack Days where we expect to move forward on the ‘Quick Wins’.


Michel Allain, Director General

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