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Latest ‘Tips & Tricks’


Since the latest issue of the User Newsletter (# 25) we have published the two following ‘T&T’ related to the BS-AVI (Batch Services Audio-Visual Works) tool:

  • N° 26 explains how to submit non-standard UPA files for batch Search and matching with a conversion tool that has been created to re-format files and lists, such as unidentified productions, into UPA compliant files.
  • N° 27 explains how to submit unidentified inquiry lists to CIS-Net AVI. The AVI matching service provides a user-friendly service allowing societies to identify in bulk audiovisual performances and inquiry lists against the AVI database. The service returns to the submitter a list of potential matching audiovisual works.

As we are going to deliver a major release of CIS-Net this summer, be prepared to receive a bunch of ‘T&T’ on the following topics: New User Interface; Single Work Dashboard (new service);  Live Performance Notifications (NLP) : requesting Set List and batch submission; Documentation Clean Up and Integrity (DCI) : revised error and warning messages for IP Name Numbers.

If you or one of your colleagues wishes to subscribe to the upcoming monthly issues, send an e-mail to tips@fasttrackdcn.net and enter SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.

You should also keep in mind that all ‘T&T’ are also made available through the three following supports:

  • Digital archives of the User Newsletter;
  • FastTools ‘Public Library’ (for users who have access rights to FastTools (http://fasttools.fasttrackdcn.net) where you can find the 3 latest ‘T&T’;
  • FAQ tab of each CIS-Net domain (MWI, IPI, AVI, AGM, CSI, NLP etc.)

You can also share your tips with the CIS-Net community of users! Please send an e-mail to tricks@fasttrackdcn.net to propose your own tricks and we will do our best to quickly publish your tricks.

Last but not least, if you or some of your colleagues feel some CIS-Net functionality need clarification you can also send an e-mail to the same address. We’ll do our best to provide you with the appropriate (and fast) answer!

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