Future of CIS-Net: What’s in the Pipeline?


Today “CIS-Net powered by FastTrack” is implemented and globally used by more than 120 Collective Management Societies (CMO). It is now considered a key tool. Nevertheless, we are aware of its limits and time has come to think about the future of CIS-Net in the context of the current challenges of the music industry requiring a different approach to documentation management and the need for an authoritative view of works.

Since April, we started brainstorming and we came up with an open approach on an initial vision and a model for the future of CIS-Net. The so-called “CISNext” (our Communications taskforce is currently brainstorming to find a more appropriate name) will be structured around the three following main pillars of our vision:

  • Deliver an authoritative certified view on musical works for a country, a usage and a period of time;
  • Take into account the major trends in our industry and connect to Hubs/documentation centers as certified sources of data;
  • Cooperate with all stakeholders under a joint and equal governance.

FastTrack, with the help of CISAC, is working hard to transform this vision into a project. At the occasion of the London Board meeting, it was suggested to invite Publishers and Creators representatives to participate in the definition of this approach. It will be a busy summer for sure, and we hope to deliver a detailed plan during the course of this summer thanks to the heavy involvement of all stakeholders participating in this effort.

To conclude, if I could summarize our vision, the future CIS-Net would be to our industry what “Swift” is to the Bank industry.

Michel Allain, Director General

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