2011-12-12Decisions on Projects

FastTrack Project Development Plan for 2012


A key part of FastTrack’s annual planning is the preparation — in close cooperation with CISAC — of a Roadmap describing the project initiatives for the next three years. A Business Plan Initiative (BPI) is then drafted for each project, indicating in detail the scope, objectives and expected benefits. Each musical society with a seat on the CSB/FT MB is then invited to rank the proposed initiatives, indicating the business relevance of each project, the likelihood of achieving the stated benefits and the successful implementation of the delivered tool.

For the 2012-2014 Roadmap, the relevant societies ranked the various projects, with the following result for project development in 2012:
1. Documentation Clean-Up and Integrity, Phase 2
2. Notification of Live Performances in other Territories

These initiatives were received with great enthusiasm and support from the CSB/FT MB musical societies and, upon recommendation of the CSB/FT MB, the FastTrack and CISAC Board of Directors approved the Roadmap 2012-2014, including the development of the two above-mentioned projects in 2012.

However, in its March 2011 meeting in Munich, the FastTrack Board of Directors rec-ognized the importance of an earlier initiative called Multi-Territory Multi-Right Support (MTMR), which originated at the 2009 FastTrack ‘Brainstorming session’. In its June 2011 meeting in Brussels, The FastTrack Board of Directors repeated the importance of MTMR and requested the drafting of a formal BPI. As the regular ranking process for 2012 was already closed, the CSB/FT MB recommended a call for Project Sponsors to see if there was enough support to have this project included in the 2012 Development Plan. Seven societies indicated their willingness to act as a Project Sponsor. Where a minimum of six Project Sponsors is required, the CSB/FT MB recommended to bring this project to the Board of Directors in order to make a final decision. The CSB/FT MB asked the seven Project Sponsors to present their recommendations with regard to the 2012 development activities of this project.

On November 30th, The FastTrack Board of Directors de¬cided the following with regard to the 2012 Development Plan:

Project Development Cost (€)
Documentation Clean-Up and Integrity, Phase 2 139,805
Notification of Live Performances in other Territories 230,100
MTMR Phase 0 (Inception and Conceptualization) 170,800

With regard to the MTMR project, the FastTrack Board of Di¬rectors decided the spending of the approved funding for Phase 0 will be considered once the Global Repertoire Database Work¬ing Group (GRD WG) delivers its final recommendations on the creation of the Global Repertoire Database (GRD) in order to avoid any conflict between the two initiatives and to prevent duplication of effort.

Finally, the FastTrack Board of Directors asked the CISAC Board to make a final decision in its December 2011 meeting regarding the development of the ‘Publisher Access to MWI’ Project in 2012, which has been approved.

Chris van Houten
FastTrack Director General

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