2015-06-16FastTrack Days

FastTrack Management: Positive Feedback from Barcelona


Our last FastTrack Days jointly organized with CISAC Secretariat in Barcelona, were again the occasion to open our activities and our meetings to representatives of Publishers and Creators. As our FastTrack Days were followed by the so-called ‘CIS Congress’ this was also the occasion to extend the participation to our meetings to CISAC representatives from all the continents. In total approximately 70 participants from 30 countries joined our 2-day session of meetings.

But let’s give the floor to FastTrack Management Team to sound out their feedback….

“I actively participated in the extended CIS-Net Business Liaisons meeting and I must say it was a fruitful and intense meeting, as we welcomed something like 50 participants. Of course this kind of big meeting is more or less dedicated to the dissemination of information related to our activities (projects, delivery of new releases and tools enhancements), but in the pure FastTrack spirit it also represents a good opportunity for every participant to pro-actively share and exchange views with colleagues from sister societies and with the representatives of Publishers or Creators organizations. Most of the meeting was dedicated to the tools we recently implemented such as the Documentation Clean up and Integrity (DCI) and the Notification of Live Performances (NLP).  Our Business Liaisons recommended to the newly created DCI taskforce to look thoroughly at the DCI process and to review the results of the first assessments in order to see if there is a way to improve the process and to make it more automated. As NLP was delivered rather recently a Q&A breakout session took place on Tuesday morning: this gave an opportunity to everyone to better understand NLP features and also enhancements to NLP that will be delivered with our June release of ‘CIS-Net powered by FastTrack’. I must say the high point of the meeting was the kick-off of our three ‘Quick Wins’ presented by Business Leaders and discussed on Monday afternoon. But I don’t want to give away on this. I invite you to read all the details in Hanna’s article on the Quick Wins….’ (Annick Duflos)

“After nearly 15 years of close co-operation, CIS-Net Technical Liaisons have become a pretty efficient group and, in Barcelona, they went directly to the pain points. Most discussions focused on delivering the ‘Quick Wins’ in a timely fashion, get project teams organized and address technical challenges ahead of us during that critical period. Important decisions were made as regards security, in particular now that CIS-Net is about to open its gates to third parties. The Security Group has been therefore re-activated and it will examine threats and opportunities pertaining to a CIS-Net that should go in the open. Performance and availability were also on the agenda and the technicians reiterated their recommendation to put as many nodes as possible in the ‘Common Cache’. Finally, the group discussed specific items such as migration of CIS-Net applications to the newest Java version, migration of the CSI from Oracle to PostgreSQL and the deployment of the upcoming minor release of CIS-Net (4.7.1) which will provide a bunch of enhancements to the Notification of Live performances (NLP) application.” (Didier Roy)

These spring sessions were our second attempt for an extended and open ‘FastTrack Days’ with participants coming from various countries with different interests and different ways of using our tools. Our goal has been re-enforced since representatives of Publishers have taken part in the Study Phase of CISNext and since some Publishers are now actively involved in two of our Quick Wins Project Teams.

"The Barcelona FastTrack Days have again clearly demonstrated the need and the interest for such a cross-industry exchange. In cooperation with CISAC, we wish to improve the cross-industry implementation of standards and rules, as this should facilitate the adoption and the development of our tools. I think all the participants have been able to anticipate what could be the results and the benefits for the entire community to move forward in this specific direction." (Michel Allain)

The next ‘FastTrack Days’ will happen in October 2015 in Paris, just before the delivery of our next major release of CIS-Net. We do hope our fall session will happen with the same positive spirit of openness than the Nashville and the Barcelone FastTrack Days.

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