2016-05-11Board of Directors

Board Chairman Mike O’Neill on the Future of FastTrack


First off, I’m honored to serve as FastTrack’s Chairman of the Board and look forward to continuing to work with our shareholder societies and our CISAC partners, alongside my dedicated colleagues. Today, as our industry moves towards greater transparency, FastTrack’s role as the trusted facilitator of the global exchange of copyright data is mission-critical for our business. With the ongoing rise of digital music usage, we know international royalties have become increasingly more significant to music creators and publishers, whose works are used around the world. As a result, FastTrack continues to be one of the most important providers of tools used by CISAC societies to serve their members every day.

Moving forward, we are building on FastTrack’s record of success in delivering cutting-edge tools and products under the CIS-Net umbrella, and innovating to meet the transforming needs of both our shareholder societies and our CISAC partners.

We will seek to set several priorities to drive this strategic agenda:

  • Strengthen FastTrack’s role in delivering additional value to our shareholder societies by expanding our product and service offerings for their exclusive use and benefit.
  • Enhance our support of CISAC by evolving our role from delivering tools and products to delivering even more comprehensive business solutions and services that benefit all stakeholders.
  • Continue to support and promote the Cross-Industry Initiative with CISAC to improve the efficiency and flow of information among creators, publishers and societies.
  • Explore opportunities for FastTrack to provide additional benefits to its shareholder societies within the context of its relationship to the greater music industry and music users.

The key to success for our initiatives is having a worldwide set of accurate copyright data that meets industry standards and links to industry standard identifiers. This results in a reliable set of data that will enable future business solutions to deliver optimal benefits to our shareholders and the greater CISAC community. 

Since its revolutionary inception through its dynamic work of today, FastTrack has pioneered new systems to better serve its constituents. What began with 5 society members has grown to 13 shareholder societies and more than 120 CISAC society members that rely on FastTrack’s state-of-the-art tools and network infrastructure to deliver timely, accurate and efficient copyright data around the world. This vigorous growth is indicative of FastTrack’s ongoing role as an innovation leader.

With this legacy and with this team, I am confident that our vision will continue to meet the needs and pace of the vibrant global music industry.


Michael O’Neill, Chairman of the Board of Directors

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