A Closer Look at 2010 Projects: Focus on ‘Documentation Clean-up and Integrity’


As the number of societies contributing to the CIS-Net powered by FastTrack network has reached an all-time high with 59 contributors posting approximately 37 million musical works to the network, equal attention must given to ensuring the completeness, quality and integrity of the documentation made available via CIS-Net.

There are multiple reasons for this, ranging from varying eligibility rules among societies to different editing standards or particular representations of sub-publishing information.

The Documentation Clean-up and Integrity project aims to address such issues.

The goal of this project is twofold: First, it will objectively assess the quality of available data using unique and consistent standards of measurement. Second, it will implement procedures to remedy identified data quality and integrity problems.

At a glance, the main objectives of this project include:

  • Defining precise business rules to handle, categorize and quantify the criteria to be applied to data quality processes, including an inventory of local documentation requirements;
  • Defining metrics and quality standards (thresholds) to be achieved;
  • Assessing and evaluating quality for the data that is already available;
  • Providing societies with metrics and relevant reports to monitor, follow-up and improve data quality on a permanent basis. These metrics should apply to both data exchanges and to the correctness of repertoires made available within CIS-Net powered by FastTrack;
  • Identifying causes for insufficient data quality;
  • Defining business rules to determine the authoritative database (source) of each work;
  • Identifying and segmenting repertoires for an initial data cleaning. As international works are a representation of domestic works, the initial focus should be placed on the clean-up of active domestic works, which will help resolve international work issues;
  • Granting a quality certification to those works that comply with the quality standards and criteria defined;
  • Spotting and defining processes to improve the quality and to address conflicts of a particular data segment;
  • Implementing procedures to extend the adopted processes to wider repertoire segments;
  • Preventing the occurrence of new conflicts;

The Common Search Index (CSI) will play an important role in the clean-up of musical works documentation, as it basically filters submitted works to perform de-duplication and assignment of ISWCs. It is now up to the Documentation Clean-up and Integrity project to take this one step forward.

Didier Roy
FastTrack Technical Director


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